50 Homes for under $150,000 USD for Sale in Costa Rica

Explore a range of affordable homes available for sale in the enchanting landscapes of Costa Rica. Whether you're a first-time buyer, a budget-conscious investor, or someone looking for a second home, our selection of properties under $150,000 offers you the chance to find your dream home and make an affordable investment in this beautiful country.

Your Affordable Pathway

Owning a home in Costa Rica doesn't have to be out of reach. With properties under $150,000, you can take advantage of this affordable opportunity to make your dream of owning property in Costa Rica a reality.

Diverse Choices

Our collection of homes for sale under $150,000 caters to diverse preferences. Whether you're looking for a cozy cottage, a modest family home, or a convenient urban apartment, you'll find the perfect property that aligns with your budget and lifestyle.

Experience Costa Rica

Even at an affordable price, Costa Rica offers a chance to experience its natural beauty, culture, and lifestyle. Whether you're exploring local attractions or connecting with the community, owning a home here allows you to fully embrace the essence of the country.

Your Partner in Finding Affordable Homes

Let us guide you in finding the ideal home for sale under $150,000 in Costa Rica. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you make an informed investment that aligns with your budget and aspirations, ensuring a rewarding and cost-effective living experience.

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