Client Referral Program 

Listing packages to advertise your real estate property in Costa Rica, for rent or for sale.

Real Estate Professional

MLS concept for Costa Rica

Exclusive for independent Real Estate Agents or Real Estate Agencies.

You can List your properties on our website under the Client Referral modality. When there is an interested party for your property, you will be notified via email so that you can manage the sale process. If you achieve the sale to our Referred Client, the commission for us is 10% of the total commission generated in the deal.

COMMISSION : 10% + VAT of the total amount generated in commission from the deal.

Example: We send you a client who buys the listed property or any other from your portfolio, the deal commission is $10,000 USD + VAT. For our participation and for having referred the client, we earn $1,000 USD + VAT. 10% of the total generated in the sale.

  • If you find the client directly, you don' have to pay us commission.

  • You do not have to pay a Registration Fee or Monthly Fee for the listings.

  • Electronic Authorization: Easy and fast to complete.

  • Number of Listings: Unlimited.

  • Automated Listing Renewal every 6 months.
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    FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

    No. We want to support our colleagues, agents, developers and banks by promoting your listings, the listing is free from monthly or registration fees.
    The commission of the program is 10% of the commission generated in the deal. As an example, we send you a client who buys the property listed or any other in your portfolio, the total commission in the deal is $10,000 USD + VAT. For our participation and having referred the client, we earn $1,000 USD + VAT.
    Yes, we both need an agreement to rule our business relationship. We need to have settlement on privacy of the information, authorization to share your contact with clients, publish the information you have provided and more, as well as our duties as marketer to meet your standards and the referral commission pact. We are using an electronic form for each property, easy to complete and very convenient for both of us.
    Your are free to advertise your listing in as many places you want, if any other party finds you a buyer, or you do directly, you dont have to pay us a commission, but we do want to the system updated, please let us know so we can take it down if you sell the property by any means.

    Another example with a third party/agent: The Referral sent is an agent who has a client, between you two do business and a commission of $10,000 USD is generated, our commission is $1,000 USD and the remaining $9,000 USD, you distribute to parties equally, be that $4,500 USD for each.

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