MLS Costa Rica 

Private MLS service in Costa Rica, list your property for rent or for sale. Agents and Real Estate Developers are welcome to list your inventory in our website. No registration and no monthly fee.

Digital Marketing to reach more Potential Clients 

These are the tools we use to bring more potential buyers and renters to your property:

Organic SEO

Ranking of this website among the best results of the main search engines on the internet.

Social Media

Organic and Paid advertising in the mail Social Media sites:  Facebook, Twitter y WhatsApp.


Video Channel for the presentation of listings and valuable information for the ones in the business. 

B2B Networking

Alliances with companies in the sector that allow us to receive more potential clients for your property.

Business Affiliates

Promotion of companies from other sectors to expand the scope of our information. 

Inbound Marketing

Marketing of relevant content for the real estate sector and potential clients looking to rent or  purchase.   

Active Business  


Active Listings

Total of active listings in the website.

Sold Listings

Listings reportedly sold by agents or clients.

Connections Made

Real Estate Business connections made.

Listing Types

These are the listing packages we offer you to increase the reach ot potential clients for your property for sale or rent:

No Commission Listing

List your Property. Reach more clients. Pay no commission.

+ List without paying commission and Without a contract.

+ Receive the information of the interested parties to your email or WhatsApp.

+ Share your ad information easily on your Social Media

+ Monthly Plan: $ 10 USD (Automatic Charge, Cancel at any time)
+ 6 Months Plans:
Regular Plan: $ 50 USD (one payment)
Featured Section Plan: $ 75 USD (one payment)

* This type of advertisement does not include the advice of an agent.

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Real Estate Professional

Client Referral Program.

MLS concept for Costa Rica

Exclusive for independent Real Estate Agents or Real Estate Agencies.

You can List your properties on our website under the Client Referral modality. When there is an interested party for your property, you will be notified via email so that you can manage the sale process. If you achieve the sale to our Referred Client, the commission for us is 10% of the total commission generated in the deal.

COMMISSION : 10% + VAT of the total amount generated in commission from the deal.

Example: We send you a client who buys the listed property or any other from your portfolio, the deal commission is $10,000 USD + VAT. For our participation and for having referred the client, we earn $1,000 USD + VAT. 10% of the total generated in the sale.

  • If you find the client directly, you don' have to pay us commission.

  • You do not have to pay a Registration Fee or Monthly Fee for the listings.

  • Electronic Authorization: Easy and fast to complete.

  • Number of Listings: Unlimited.

  • Automated Listing Renewal every 6 months.
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    Non Exclusive Sales

    Property for Sale - Open Listing

    + NOT EXCLUSIVE. Contract is signed digitaly and commission is paid to us only if we find a buyer for the property.

    + COMMISSION. 5.65% Net. It already includes VAT.

    + ADVERTISING: The property will be visible to website visitors and will be shared on Social Networks.

    + PHOTOS: You pay if you need us to visit the property and take photos. The cost depends on the loation of the property.

    + INITIAL COST: Zero. Unless you need us to see the property and take photos.


    + REQUIREMENTS: Copy of the survey plan, detailed information of the property, photos, location and direct contact with the registered owner.

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    Non Exclusive Rental

    Property for Rent - Open Listing

    + NOT EXCLUSIVE: You pay commission only if we find you a tenant.

    + TERM: Your rental is advertised until it is rented. And it is renewed just by notifying that it is available again.

    + TYPES: Houses, Apartments, Offices, Warehouses, Commercial Premises, Farms.

    COMMISSION: 50% of one month's rent with VAT already included.

    + INITIAL COST: Zero. Unless you want us to visit the property to take photos. In that case the cost depends on the location of the property.


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    Have Property for Sale or Rent? Reach more potential clients today!