Non Exclusive Sales - Open Listing 

Listing packages to advertise your real estate property in Costa Rica, for rent or for sale.

Non Exclusive Sales

Property for Sale - Open Listing

+ NOT EXCLUSIVE. Contract is signed digitaly and commission is paid to us only if we find a buyer for the property.

+ COMMISSION. 5.65% Net. It already includes VAT.

+ ADVERTISING: The property will be visible to website visitors and will be shared on Social Networks.

+ PHOTOS: You pay if you need us to visit the property and take photos. The cost depends on the loation of the property.

+ INITIAL COST: Zero. Unless you need us to see the property and take photos.


+ REQUIREMENTS: Copy of the survey plan, detailed information of the property, photos, location and direct contact with the registered owner.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

We are using an electronic authorization (it is a form that you fill out from your computer or mobile phone). That authorization will be valid for 6 months and then it will be sent to you by email to extend it for another period of equal time. At the time there is a formal interested party, a formal Letter of Intent to Purchase will be presented with the data of the offer, commission and general conditions offered.
The amount is the 5.65% of the sale price. In a property where the sale price is $100.000 USD the commission abount is $5.650 USD. This is net. Taxes are already included.
We just need to know about it so we can take the listing down. You don't have to pay us a commission. You can also report the property as sold on the regular renovation emails.
We are no longer charging an listing fee for the properties, but there is a charge to visit the property and take pictures. The amount to charge depends on the distance we have to travel to go to the property and the time it takes to do an inspection or tour. The minimum amount per visit is 10,000 colones and increases according to location and type of property. Why do you have to pay for the visit? You can provide photos and videos, in that case you do not have to pay to put the property up for sale, but if we have to go, make a visit, advise, take photos and videos, this generates expenses for us and in order to give you the benefit of an open listing, we must cover those entry costs.
Yes. We have a mode where your property information will only be visible to our agents and it will not be posted on the website or on Social Networks. Only those who we share the link to your property page will be able to see the information. These properties must likewise comply with the entire registration process.

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