Non Exlusive Rentals - Open Listing 

This ad is limited to Pérez Zeledón and nearby areas. Includes visit to the property, advice to set the price, marketing, support during the bidding process and final sale of the property.

Non Exclusive Rental

Property for Rent - Open Listing

+ NOT EXCLUSIVE: You pay commission only if we find you a tenant.

+ TERM: Your rental is advertised until it is rented. And it is renewed just by notifying that it is available again.

+ TYPES: Houses, Apartments, Offices, Warehouses, Commercial Premises, Farms.

COMMISSION: 50% of one month's rent with VAT already included.

+ INITIAL COST: Zero. Unless you want us to visit the property to take photos. In that case the cost depends on the location of the property.


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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

You can list your property at no initial cost by doing the process online. There are no monthly payments. If the property is rented you can report it and it will be taked down and when it is available again you can reactivate it at no cost. If you want to visit the property to take photos there is a cost and it depends on the location of the property.
We charge 50% of a month's rent, just one month, if we find you a tenant who will take your property for 6 months or more.
If you or other agent finds a tenant you DON'T have to pay us a commission, but please let us know so we can take the listing down from the website or use the self managed platform to take it down.

For some clients we will take care of the showings, but there are cases where the owner of the house takes care of showing the property.

There is no initial cost as of now (July 20223) but there is a cost if you want us to go and take a look at the property and take photos. The cost depends on how far is the property form downtown San Isidro, with a minimum of $20 USD (VAT included).

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